States of Awareness

“The first thing a Dreamer needs to know is that she is being dreamed.  A dreamer knows she is a vital part of a great wholeness that empowers her as a creative being. When you really get that you are being dreamed, you are on your way to mastery, you fall in love with yourself and become a co-creator with life.”

~ Connie Kaplan, the Women’s Book of Dreams


    Dreaming is a spiritual path – a path of remembrance.

It reflects to you that you are Light, you are Love,

you are Consciousness itself.


Tapping in to the spiritual substance that lies in the dream time, nudges us to remember our already awakened state ~ the Love that has always been at the core of us, the core of existence. Our Love is ever-present. Conscious dreaming connects us with this reality.

As a conscious dreamer, our task is to unwind our survival based programming–the mind that dreams beliefs, opinions, worries and habits that are rooted in fear and separation. This tightly wound program, born from a need to survive and fit in, creates separation from Love . . . it supports our forgetfulness and causes us to suffer needlessly.

In working with our dreams, we will be discovering how our 4 energy bodies of consciousness relates to our programming. Each of the bodies–the intellect, emotional, authoritarian and spiritual, show up through our dream symbols. Being able to identify them is a key component to unraveling our patterns and beliefs that keep us from living an aware and awake life.

I will be giving video demonstrations monthly on how to see and work with these aspects of your mind. Over time, and with a lot of practice, you’ll get clear on how to unravel the unconscious messages in your dreams to create greater consciousness in your life. (I call this the waking dream.) You’ll see the ways fear dreams your life and discover how to transform these fear-based patterns to create a life with great love–and all the joy, freedom, creativity and happiness that comes with it.



Lotusblte im See



The Four Bodies of Consciousness

(1) Spiritual Nature — Our Spiritual Nature  — this aspect of our consciousness is aligned with the natural rhythms of life. It is the oldest and wisest part of us that is connected to unlimited consciousness. When we bask in our spiritual nature, we experience our oneness with life. We experience Love loving us.

  • Our spiritual nature shows up in our dreams as symbols of nature–mountains, trees, plants, volcanoes, tsunamis, the ocean, the earth, fire, water and wind. Spiritual teachers will appear as a reflection of our spiritual consciousness. Blue is the color that will appear as our spiritual nature.


(2) Authoritarian Nature – Our Governing Program — this aspect of our consciousness is connected to our reptilian brain and stores our conditioning, including our beliefs, patterns and addictions. It operates out of fight or flight and is the source of black and white thinking. Our reptilian brain is cold-blooded and unemotional. It holds our psychic safety zone. As we free up our programming, our safety strategies give way to allow our instinctual nature and direct knowing to arise.

  • Our authoritarian nature shows up in our dreams as people who represent authority: parents, people older than us, police, bosses, teachers, and presidents. Man-made objects such as houses, airplanes, clothes and furniture represent the conditioning we’ve taken on. Black is the color that will appear as our authoritarian nature.


(3) Emotional Nature – Our Feminine Mind — this aspect of our consciousness is connected to our mammalian brain. It stores our memories and is connected to our hormonal system. It appears in our dreams to show us the emotions we are dealing with. It also gives us a reference for our life experiences based on the imprints we have stored from memories.

  • Our emotional nature shows up in our dreams as women our age or younger, including female children. White and yellow are the colors that will appear as our emotional nature — white representing our own emotional nature and yellow representing that part of us that takes care of others emotionally.


(4) Intellectual Nature — Our Masculine Mind — this aspect of our consciousness is connected to the youngest and most contracted form of our consciousness. It is the voice chattering in our head demanding to be heard. When we meditate, we give our intellect a rest. Our intellect is the part of us that takes action, expresses ourselves and makes decisions.

  • Our intellectual nature shows up in our dreams as men our age or younger, including male children. Red is the color that will appear as our intellect.


As you dive deeper into dream work, you will become more familiar with the 4 bodies of consciousness and how to identify them in your dreams.  Stay tuned for more information in my weekly Dream Tips videos. I’ll be demonstrating how to incorporate this information into decoding your dreams.


nautilus“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything. No matter how absurd, in order to avoid, facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~ Carl Jung