Let’s Begin

“ Dreams are a magical language packed with awareness. They open us to the mysteries of life and nudge us to remember who we are and what we are here to do. Dreams promote spiritual growth, mental clarity, emotional clearing and creative expression. They show us how to take care of ourselves, guiding us to increased self-trust and self-respect. They buoy our spirit and lead us to clear choices that uplift our life. Food for our soul, dreaming connects us with the mystical realms.

Dreams are priceless riches to be mined.”

~ Victoria Allen

About Dreaming

Dreaming is an art. Capturing the energy and decoding your dream symbols is a practice.

When you slip into dreaming, you move beyond your programmed mind–I call this your Creature of Habit, to discover what is in the underbelly of your mind. Most of this habitual program is filled with unconscious beliefs and the rules, patterns and addictions that arise out of these unconscious beliefs. We end up dreaming our waking life and our choices from our unconscious. Blindly going through life wondering why we can’t create what we desire to create.

We create from our beliefs. Dreaming is a direct path to seeing clearly the unconscious beliefs that fuel our choices. Decoding our dreams opens this awareness, and we are better able to release our fear and survival-based beliefs to create clear and loving choices. Our vision of the possibilities for our life becomes real and crystal clear.

Your Dreamer

Your inner Dreamer knows what you need to be fulfilled, happy and peaceful. Think of your Dreamer as your inner lover, your higher Self, the intelligence who has your back, the way-shower to your magnificence. She is the courageous aspect of you that follows love and lets go of fear-based patterns and aspects of life that bring you down.

I’ll be asking you to dream into a Dreamer Name for yourself. She’ll come through a dream, an intuition or an insight. Regardless of how she appears, she will come! And by the way . . . I’m Sparkle! No, that is not my stripper name. It is the handle I use for my brilliant Dreamer. Whenever I’m confused or in doubt about something, I ask “What would Sparkle do?”

Create a Dream Practice

Upfront, let me say that remembering your dreams is not necessarily an easy task. In fact, even though we dream between 3 and 7 dreams a night, much of the time we don’t remember that we dreamt at all. If you are what I call a natural dreamer and effortlessly recall your dreams, great! If not, I have some tips for you to help you recall your dreams more easily. I believe:

When you pay attention to your dreams, they will pay attention to You! Like guests to a party, dreams have to be invited and then treated well.

Do a Dream Incubation 2 X Weekly (Sunday & Thursday)

A Dream Incubation letter is a great way to ask your inner Dreamer to speak a little louder. Dreams are the portal to our unconscious which is always nudging us into greater consciousness. I suggest you make a practice of doing a Dream Incubation ritual two times a week. Asking for a dream in this way is a direct request to your inner self–to your spiritual consciousness that is prodding you to awaken more fully to who you are and what you are here to do.

A Dream Incubation letter looks like this:

Dear Inner Self (God, Source, Universe, DREAMER),

Thank you for everything. If it is your will, please show me in a dream tonight what you want me to know about ____________, so that I may come closer to you. Love, _____.

A Dream Incubation letter requires that you get clear on your intention. What is it you want to know? Do you want guidance for a creative project, a troubled relationship or a challenge with your body? Maybe you are interested in the next step to Raise Your State. One important rule: You MUST write down your request rather than simply think it. You’ll hear me say this over and over again.

The key is to ask “what” questions rather than “why” or “when” questions. Your dream symbols will give you your next step and won’t give you anything you can’t handle. Fear not, your inner self, is always taking care of you.

Prepare for Dreaming

  1. Create a sacred space in your bedroom for dreaming. Clear the clutter, get rid of the electronics and yes, the TV too. I also suggest creating a dream altar with symbols that reflect your highest intentions.
  2. Release your mind from the day’s activities and concerns on Dream Incubation nights. A warm lavender or Epsom salt bath, meditation, prayer, slow yoga or feet up the wall are a few ways to open you to your inner dreamer. Eat light foods and drink no alcohol on dream nights.
  3. Keep a special dream journal next to your bed to record any symbol, image or dream that is shown to you. It is super important to write down your dream immediately when you realize it. Otherwise, just like that, it will fly away! Dreams leave swiftly if you don’t pause to record them. Yes, that means at 2 am, you get up and write it down. Or, if you choose, you can talk into a tape recorder.
  4. Write Your Dream Incubation letter just before you go to sleep. Make it the very last thing you do before bed!

Dream incubation is a necessary practice to become a conscious Dreamer. The exercise itself will bring forth greater dream recall. Our collective will be dreaming together on Sunday and Thursday nights. However, any two nights of the week are okay too.

More Tips on Dreaming

Linger in bed in the morning, lie still and keep your eyes closed as you recall the symbols and intuitive messages from your dreams. If you don’t recall a dream, check in with your first intuitive feelings and thoughts as you review your Dream Incubation Letter. Catch the early morning before your rational mind kicks in with all its opinions. You are still dreaming as you become awake. Whether asleep or awake, the mind dreams all the time. (more on this later)

Do NOT judge your dreams. They speak in metaphors and images. As with any language, dream language takes time to learn.

Don’t take your dreams literally. If you dreamt you slept with someone that is not your spouse, it doesn’t mean you are headed for divorce. Dreaming of divorce doesn’t necessarily mean divorce. Dream language is symbolic and rarely is a message in a dream literal.

Enhance your dream recall with mugwart tea, Vitamin B6 or a quartz crystal under your pillow.

It is a bold beautiful step to take on a dream practice and face the unconscious aspects of yourself. It is in the vision of these unconscious aspects of yourself that you come into wholeness, you gain more light. As you courageously listen to your dream messages, you’ll grow in ways that you never could have imagined. You’ll see your life transform through our dreams. Conscious dreaming adds a new dimension of richness and magic to your life. I’m happy we are on this great adventure together.

I suggest you dance on over to the Journaling and Decoding your Dreams page now.

“When we heal ourselves, others are healed. When we nurture our dreams, we give birth to the dreams of humankind. When we walk as loving aspects of the Earth Mother, we become fertile, life-giving Mothers of the Creative Force. When we honor our bodies, our health, and our emotional needs, we make space for our dreams to come into being. When we speak truth from our healed hearts, we allow life’s abundance to continue on our planet.”

Jamie Sams