Dream Yourself Awake Retreat

If you are ready for a retreat that leaves you feeling joyously feminine, deliciously alive and deeply connected inside and out, this Dream Yourself Awake retreat is undoubtedly for you!

Ojai, California November 10-13, 2016

Are you ready to live a more fulfilling life by your design and desire, instead of being caught in the stress and limitation of a life that isn’t quite working for you?

Are you tired of pushing and forcing agendas and much prefer a softer, more feminine approach to life where you feel empowered, nourished and ready to offer greater Love into your relationships?

Dream Yourself Awake is your answer. Here’s why…

Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds chirping outside the window of your beautifully appointed guest suite and wandering outside to sip on a cup of coffee or tea as the aromas of nature infuse you.

Experience your body’s delight as you stretch across your yoga mat and open your hips and heart through gentle, restorative yoga in a beautifully appointed yoga room.

Feel your heart expanding as you sit in dream circle with other compassionate, heart-centered women, tapping into the power of your intuition and instinct.

Envision your taste buds dancing as you indulge in delicious, organic meals featuring the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Sense your feminine radiance expanding as you connect with your feminine power source and dive into cultivating your deepest gifts.

Deepen your capacity to shine through movement practices designed to embody love and the sacred feminine.

Savor the sensation of lounging in a spectacular salt water hot soak spa and cold plunge pool after receiving a therapeutic massage under the stars before tucking into bed for a night of deep rest.

If You’re Wondering Where You Are

You are at the Dream Yourself Awake Retreat relaxing in a Mediterranean villa that sprawls over a two acre oasis nestled in the foothills of Ojai, California. This rejuvenating retreat is designed to connect you with the wisdom of your higher self ~ your inner Dreamer. As you embody your Dreamer you’ll experience a shift into clearer intuitive guidance, which will offer you choices for expansion, well-being and creativity. For 4 days and 3 nights, you’ll receive tools and guidance to release stress and stagnant energies. You’ll feel empowered to rise up within yourself and be able to bring greater love into your relationships.

What Is Included:

dybullet Raise Your State Yoga-Flow

dybullet Sacred Dream Circle to Awaken Awareness

dybullet Practices to Embody your Feminine Power Source

dybullet Energetic Exercises to Ignite your Heart

dybullet Rooms & Delicious Organic Meals for 3 nights and 4 days Save Save

Breakfast is healthy and light, with luscious fresh fruits, yogurt, nuts, muffins and aromatic coffee and teas.

You’ll lunch on the patio enjoying Fresh Organic Salads with protein, soup and Hearty breads.

Delicious dinners and Chef Linda’s scrumptious desserts will give you a sense that mama is taking care of you.

“I have been consistently blown away by what my dreams have shown me about myself – my relationships, career path and deepest desires. By far, dreaming is now my most potent spiritual practice. It juices me up every time. And, being a part of a larger collective of women committed to diving into their innermost truth feels so amazing. Many of the dreamers are now my closest friends.” ~ V.S.

“The dreaming process amazes me. In dream circle, a powerful mystery unfolds through the intricate untangling of dream images. Often, what shows up gives me direct insight into what is present in my life right now. It is a personal neon sign. And from my group experiences with dreaming, the messages can be both dramatically direct and subtly meaningful. They are surprisingly poignant for the other dreamers as well. We dream for each other. It is intimate, deep, transformative work. Not to be missed!” ~ S.K.

Here Are the Details

Date: November 10th – 13th

Time: Check in at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday. Check out at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Cost: $950 for 3 nights lodging, delicious meals and teachings.

Extra: Ariana Grace will be offering massages – $100 per hour

Contact her at 77kathymccoy@gmail.com to secure your massage.

The Location

Ojai is a magical vortex of energy.

Many spiritual masters have shared their teachings in this powerful hot spot of energy called Ojai. The town is very small, fun to explore, and only a few blocks from our retreat home. You may want to arrive early on Thursday to explore Ojai, or even drive up the night before to tap into the peace and vibrant light the shines from the lush hillsides surrounding the town.

“Dreams illuminate that which you can’t see with your conscious mind. Their symbols and messages open you to your next steps in relationships, creativity, health and happiness.”

~ Victoria Allen

Meet Your Dream Guides

Through this artfully crafted journey into Dreaming and Feminine Empowerment, Victoria and Melanie will guide you to Open, Connect and Deepen into you. You’ll leave with an infusion of truth from your inner self and a new sense of purpose.


Victoria Allen

Victoria is a conduit for spiritual awakening and a champion of women’s empowerment. Using the magic and mystery of dreams, and the potency of restorative yoga, she inspires women to access their authentic voice and deepest gifts. Victoria has a subtly direct way about her which is easily assimilated. Her training as a Psychotherapist, and personal journey through relationships, has given her the tools to support women in shining their inner light to create loving relationships.


Melanie Scott

Melanie’s passion is the art of feminine embodiment. Through movement practices and exercises, she guides women deep into their bodies – empowering them to tap into their innermost wisdom and live their lives as an offering of love. As a certified Life Coach, she helps women all over the United States connect to their heart’s desires and shine from the inside out. She believes that when a woman is connected to her heart, she’s an unstoppable force in the universe.

When your Dreamer becomes your guiding light, she’ll empower you to truly live the life you were meant to live.

~ Victoria Allen

Dream Yourself Awake Retreat

Registration Price: $950

Accommodations include 2 rooms, each with 2 beds, and a larger room with 5 beds, sharing 2 bathrooms. There is a full outdoor bathroom and shower as well.

Payment plan available contact Victoria@raiseyourstate.com

Refund policy: If cancelled by Oct 1, you’ll receive a 50% refund. After Oct 1 full payment is non-refundable.