Feeling Called to Take Your Dream Work Deeper?

Join A Dream Pod!


“The more conscious and aware you are of dream patterns, the more actively you participate in your destiny.”   ~  Connie Kaplan

If you are ready to expand your dream skills and connect with a small circle of women committed to their dreaming path…



A Dream Pod is comprised of a small group of women who meet on weekly conference calls with a Dream Guide.  Part teaching, part inspiration and part sisterhood, the women in a Dream Pod go on a journey to collectively dream together. Our Dream Pods are not about self-improvement. Rather, they support you in accessing the spiritual substance that is readily available by consciously tapping in to your dream world. If you are ready to connect more deeply with the raw power and light of your inner feminine and feel called to connect with other women waking up to themselves, joining a Dream Pod is for you!


On our weekly Dream Pod calls, you’ll learn concrete ways to prepare, incubate, recollect, journal and decode your dreams. If you don’t usually remember your dreams, no worries! Once you start setting an intention to recollect them, they’ll come. Trust us!!! We see it time and time again.

Throughout the Dream Pod calls, you’ll discover your personal dream symbols and how to dive in to their unconscious messages for greater awareness. You’ll look at dreams from several perspectives, yet most of dreaming illuminates personal psychology and shows you how to become more conscious. You’ll also experience intimate connection with other dreaming women committed to diving deeper into their highest truth. Ultimately, you’ll discover that you’re a vital part of a greater wholeness that empowers you as a creative being. It’s wildly empowering, for sure!

You’ll also feel listened to, supported and witnessed. You’ll see how one woman finding the courage to take new action or face her fears supports every woman to open up to more light.  Each woman sees her reflection in the issues, challenges and wins of her dreaming sisters and – in the end – everyone feels a greater sense of connection both inward and outward. It’s super powerful, for sure!

These Dream Pods are informative, interactive and fun for your inner dreamer. Dreamers become connected and supportive of each other and this creates a juicy experience, indeed.



Women are the dreamers, healers and creators of life. We have an incredible ability to give rise to love regardless of the landscape or the circumstance.  If our future world is to have greater peace and harmony, we women must no longer avoid our innermost truth, the wisdom of our body and emotions, and the expression of our deepest gifts.

When women dream together, they envision greater possibilities for themselves and their dreaming sisters. They support, champion and challenge one another to step up and into their truth and power. They learn how to get out of their own way and release the shackles of fear.  The result?  They become a vital expression of greater love, naturally.

Dreaming truly is a path of remembrance, taking you directly into the realm of truth where you meet your awakened Self over and over again. This is the state within you that is experienced as bliss, peace and unlimited consciousness. This Self is always inside – it only needs to be revealed. Dreaming takes you closer to the revelation.  Think of it as seeing yourself in a mirror like you’ve never before – standing in your truth, grounded in who you really are and amazed by the authentic reflection that is peering back at you.

Many women get lost in their domesticated journey. Getting lost takes on many forms – including operating out of “should’s,” becoming good girls or choosing instead to rebel, doing what’s appropriate rather than authentic, and not shining too brightly because what we’re not supposed to do is stand out all that much.

When women squash their free, wild, authentic, expressive nature, stress accumulates and unexpressed feelings become locked in the body. They lose their power to  dream.  As women shut down their free feminine nature, they begin to identify with their inner male, their intellect, and lose the radiant, open, receptive power of their feminine nature which heals and nurtures relationships.

It is our sacred duty to be responsible for dreaming a more peaceful world. We women must not get lost from dreaming the dream.  Come join us and commit yourself over and over again to deepen your capacity to understand and integrate your dreams into your everyday life. And, feel the immense power of women Dreaming together.


A Dream Pod consists of 6 women plus Victoria as a Dream Guide. Dreamers connect weekly by conference call for 75-90 minutes for 8 weeks on a day and time convenient for all Dream Pod members. The cost for the 8 weeks is $360.

The calls will be recorded however it is highly recommended that you commit to showing up to all the calls as this creates greater momentum for the whole.

Next Pods begin November 2017 – daytime and evenings.


Email victoria@dreamsstream.com to join her Dream Pod.

I know unlimited possibilities of wisdom, healing and creativity lie within every woman.

I’m excited to take you Dream Pod members to your next level of dreaming.


“Being in Dream Pod has been a profoundly intimate experience. It has created a deeper connection to myself and brought me incredibly close to the amazing, brilliant and wonderful women in my pod.  We became mirrors for each other, sharing in growth, and learning from each others’ experiences – good and bad as well as  beautiful and ugly.  You simply can’t view the world through the same lens ever again. You will shift.  Victoria’s wisdom and guidance through the dream work are essential to understanding your inner world. You will be launched into a new reality that will help you find your unique expression of who you are in the world.” ~ T. M.

“Victoria’s Dreaming Pod shifted my world view in a profound way. Seeing the ineffectiveness of my strategies–the way they dissipated my energy and time, the way they alienated me from others–made it possible to shed some cherished beliefs that had never worked.” ~ B. B.

“Being a part of a collective dream group really clarifies my dream messages in a way that sharing them at the breakfast table or trying to discern their meaning by reading generic dream books does not. In collective dreaming, we dream with intent and receive potent messages from our dreamer self, as well as insights and support from our fellow dreamers. Truly, collective dreaming has provided me with a powerful framework for growth and transformation.” ~ W.P.

“When I think about the dreaming process, I am amazed at what unfolds through the intricate untangling of details.  It is never what it appears.  Things that seem negative, dark or scary can actually represent the opposite. What shows up gives me a direct insight into what is present in my life right now.  It is a personal neon sign.  The fun part is decoding the message.  And from my group experiences with dreaming, the message is often both dramatically direct and meaningful to me, and also surprisingly poignant for the other dreamers, as well.  We dream for each other. It is intimate, deep, transformative work.  Not to be missed!”  S.K.

“It was very rare for me to recall my dreams before I joined the Dream Pod.  That’s so not the case anymore!  Through the dream teachings and insights, I have learned another language – the language of the dream time.  I now know how to decode my dreams.  I have been consistently blown away by what they have shown me about myself – my relationships, career path and deepest desires.  By far, dreaming is now my most potent spiritual practice.  It juices me up every time.  And, being a part of a larger collective of women committed to diving into their innermost truth feels so amazing.  Many of the dreamers are now my closest friends.  Actually, they are more than friends.  They are my family.”  -V.S.


DREAMING WEEKENDS – Victoria is available to share her dream teachings with your community. Contact her at victoria@dreamsstream,com