Has a dream ever rocked your world?

(you woke up in a panic or confused.)

Do recurrent dreams haunt you? 

(you wish they would go away!)

Has a dream intrigued you and felt significant?

(you didn’t know how to interpret its message!)

If you’re a woman who answered YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place.  Let me share with you why.

Imagine what it would be like to take a daunting dream you’ve had, discover its meaning, and understand its significance. You have a deep sense of peace and ease flowing through you.

Picture how it would feel to use the messages in your dreams to guide you through whatever challenges life brings you. You feel clear inside and know what to do (as well as when to do it).

You can have all this!

How do I know?  Because it’s happened for me

Back in 1997, I had a dream showing a possible spot of cancer on my ex-husband’s chest. A second dream that same night revealed I would have eight years of intensity after Memorial Day. Being the dream steward that I am, I asked myself what this all meant.  Although dreams don’t usually speak to us literally, I wondered if I should contact my doctor for a medical check-up.  I took a deep breath and made the phone call.  Although my initial mammogram didn’t show any cancer, a follow up one a few months later did.

As the diagnosis settled in on those early fearful days and sleepless nights, all I saw in my future was eight years of chemo, radiation, suffering and death! Yep, I had it all planned out – for a few terrifying days anyway.

Gratefully, non of those things happened. Instead I began a year-long journey committed to following that deep voice within that shows up in my dreams to guide me. And, boy did my dreams show up like never before! They took me through many forms of alternative healing and showed me all along the mental and emotional patterns that had contributed to my illness.

If it wasn’t for that dream on that fateful day back in 1997, my breast cancer may have gotten the best of me. Today – thanks to the beauty and magic of my dreams – I am cancer free!  Day after day, I continue to use my dreams to raise my inner state and live a juicy love-filled life doing what I love to do.

Why tell you my story? I want you to know the power your dreams have to help you, too. Your dreams are offering you nuggets of wisdom about how you can live your best life. Are you going to tune in?

The Magic of Dreams:

Dreams are a magical language packed with awareness. They shine light into the intricacies of your inner world, illuminating how rich and vast you are. Dreams uncover unconscious beliefs and habits that create challenges in your life. They guide your next steps to growth and creativity. A bright light stemming from your soul, dreams connect you with your deepest truth and contain the answers you crave to life’s most pressing questions. To mine the riches of your dreams, all you have to do is listen. I’m here to show you how to do just that.

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Victoria-BlueHi, I’m Victoria Allen, a Dream Tender and a Conduit to Awakening, and I invite you to Dive In to your dreams with me.


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